Lagunita is a SimCity like western town builder, only in one dimension, one color and running on a one byte machine.

Use the left and right arrow keys to scroll your town around the Lagunita lake.

Use the up and down arrows to select a building.

Use the A key to construct the selected building.

Use the S key to get statistics and close popup windows.

Lagunita is a small city simulation videogame for the Arduboy portable game system created for the #gmtkjam and #LOWREZJAM game jams. Some buildings generate some income per second while some other ones have a maintenance cost. Houses produce citizens while farms and mines offer jobs.

One of the themes for #LOWREZJAM is western, so I went for a western style.

The theme for the #gmtkjam is "Only One" and this game interprets the theme as "Only One dimension of building", "Only One color" and since Arduboy is an 8-bit machine, "Only One byte" :-D

NOTE: The game is still under development.

DISCLAIMER: the intended final resolution will be 128x64, but I'll limit it at 64x64 to comply with the #LOWREZJAM for the whole duration of the voting.

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