Hybrid 42 is an interactive text adventure made for GameOff 2018.

This was a great learning experience to get familiar with Inkle's ink language, refresh some writing skills, learn how to use the spelling and grammar checkers from Linux and have a try at making a few songs with LLMS and similar tools.

I was planning to submit to NaNoWriMo as well, but I only reached ¼ of the 50k words, so I changed plans and added some homemade music to the game instead.

Since I understand that playing trough the whole adventure would take some time, I decided to initially put effort into having a single good ending. Perhaps I'll add different endings later if I'll receive enough comments on this version.

A fun fact is that 90% of the development happened from my phone while I was in bed keeping company to my napping son.

If you find a dead end or a typo, please send me a message and I'll fix them :-)

Enjoy the story!


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Nice story, I enjoyed playing through it to the end. A couple of minor issues that could be ironed out but all round a good experience.

Thanks for playing it through! If you wish to send me the feedback privately, you can send it to my name.surname at gmail.com: that would be very much appreciated :-)

Great story! Only complain would be that there is no option to lower / mute the music :(.

Good job nonetheless!

Good little story; I played through to the end and enjoyed it. 

I think if you wanted to flesh it out more you could go the classic choose your own adventure route and put a load of instant death endings in. I like when those games reward you for exploring early areas in detail by giving you hints on how to avoid bad endings later on. Of course it's a fine line between being rewardingly challenging to find the right path and just frustratingly difficult :)

Thanks for playing the whole story :) I though nobody will be that patient.

I am planning to add some instadeaths after the jam, since I'm quite sure that nobody would play it twice while having to rate so many games.

There are some solutions to make the deaths not so frustrating, many of which were implemented in the game book adventures from tin man games.